Friday, December 9, 2016


The best sons of the Arab nation stayed to defend their land and are heroically fighting for it against rabble from around the world.

And that small part of ragtag, which any nation has, fled to Europe or joined to the ranks of the ISIS. That is why we can see such an outrage, especially in European cities. ----

 The Internet has been shocked by a video, recorded by security cameras in the Berlin subway, showing brutal and senseless attack of a group of migrants on a German girl. A migrant brutally attacked the young girl, pitting her down the stairs with a strongest kick in the back, after which the victim flew over half of the stairs and hit her head. ---------

-- As the video shows, a man, holding a cigarette in one hand and a bottle in another one, came up behind the girl, going down the stairs, and gave her a powerful kick in the back. The victim flew several meters and fell to the lower platform. --------

 The attacker and his buddies left the scene, picking up the fallen bottle off the floor. They even do not have a thought to help the girl. The victim received initial care from subway passengers.

 ------ According to unconfirmed information, the attack was made by a member of the ‘Afghan movement’. As the Bild newspaper reported, citing the Berlin police, there were not any quarrels or squabbles between the migrants and the 26-year-old girl before the incident. 

The Berlin police qualified the incident as a grievous bodily harm and reported that the young girl was hospitalized.

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