Saturday, October 15, 2016


At the end of the summer, a batch of unique multi-purpose off-road vehicles, based on the UAZ Patriot, were sent to Syria. Unique multi-purpose off-road vehicles, based on the UAZ Patriot, were sent to Syria at the end of summer, a representative of the Russian Defense Ministry said. 

- The vehicles are used for combat raids and patrol at large distances, as well as for fighting in an urban setting. Thanks to the speed advantage it is capable to arrive quickly at the desired location and strike in advance of an enemy. According to experts, pickup trucks, equipped with machine guns, are a perfect weapon for a moving warfare in the Middle East. -------------- 

In Syria, vehicles equipped with machine-guns escort humanitarian convoys, patrol various facilities, as well as act as mobile checkpoints. ---------

 As a source in the Defense Ministry told the Izvestiya newspaper, a military version of the UAZ-3163 Patriot pickup truck can be equipped with the Kord heavy machine gun and the AGS-17 automatic grenade launcher. According to the source, the vehicles have been specially revised for use in desert conditions, and have an air filtration system, a climate control and protection of the equipment against dust. --------- 

A rotating turret was installed in a bodywork, and anchors for two automatic guns and field fortification entrenching tools were installed in a cabin between seats. In addition, the vehicles are equipped with repair kits for tires, punctured by bullets.

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