Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Syrian Army inches closer to encircle rebel stronhgold

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Following the capture of the imperative town of Hawsh Nasri, the Syrian Army has placed its eyes on Tal Kurdi- the main reason for the capture of all those towns

. As it stands, Tal Kurdi lays under the fire control of the Syrian Army’s elite Republican Guard from two different flanks.

 The seizure of the aforementioned town will allow for the envelopment of the rebel bastion and would place Tal Kurdi under fire control from all sides. 

 Tal Kurdi’s collapse would place a healthy buffer around the Adra industrial town and would lead to the collapse of Jaish Al-Islam’s frontlines in the northern sector of Eastern Ghouta. 

 Jaish Al-Islam’s salafist jihadists paid a heavy price attempting to halt the Syrian Army’s advance in Hawsh Nasri. Video footage below shows a glimpse of the violent battles that took place in the town.

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