Friday, July 29, 2016

Ruthless US airstrike massacres 25+ civilians in northern Aleppo

29/07/2016 FOTO +18
The U.S. Air Force carried out a ruthless series of airstrikes over the ISIS controlled region of northern Aleppo on Thursday, killing over 25 civilians and wounding another 100 bystanders.

According to local reports, the U.S Coalition struck the densely populated village of Aghanndorh near the ISIS stronghold of Menbeij on Thursday, causing severe damage to a number of civilian sites, including several residential homes. Images from the brutal airstrikes emerged shortly after the attack, showing several of the victims that were unable to escape the carnage in northern Aleppo. 

 Many of the victims on Thursday were children and elderly civilians that were caught in the middle of an ongoing U.S. operation to take the town of Menbeij from the Islamic State.

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