Thursday, July 28, 2016

ISIS launches a new offensive in Aleppo

 The Islamic State launched a new offensive against the Islamist rebels of north Aleppo targeting the jihadist stronghold of Mare’, a city that has always been a thorn in the throat of the terror group.

The attack began after a hail of locally-made missiles struck the rebel defenses in the city. ISIS attempted to advance on the city’s southern flank. 

While it is unlikely that ISIS will manage to seize the town, heavy clashes are ongoing. Suffering a string of defeats in both Syria and Iraq in addition to risking the loss of the Turkish border crossings under its control, ISIS is desperate to capture Mare’ and the adjacent Bab Al-Salama border crossing. 

Not only would such a major victory boost the jihadists’ morale, but it will also safeguard the group’s border access for the time being.

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