Saturday, March 26, 2016

10 ISIS fighters killed and 3 vehicles destroyed during clashes in eastern Hama

 This afternoon, clashes east of the government-held town of Aqarib as-Safi suggest at least 10 ISIS fighters have been killed while 3 ISIS Toyotas equipped with 23mm guns were destroyed by airstrikes and heavy skirmishes.

While the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) 11th Division and the National Defence Forces (NDF) of Salamiyah did reportedly capture two areas near Aqarib Dam, these were not specified as the local SAA commander did not wish to reveal his troops’ whereabouts to the enemy. 

This battle in eastern Hama, on the outskirts of Aqarib as-Safi town, holds huge strategic importance as it was nearby that ISIS forces cut the government supply line to Aleppo city last month ; this in turn forced Tiger Forces to redeploy to the region. 

Meanwhile, a huge battle is currently underway between some 6.000 government troops and hundreds of ISIS fighters inside ancient Palmyra; the latest reports indicate that jihadists either have or are in the process of retreating entirely from the city.

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