Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The body of a Belgian mercenary was found by the militia near the village of Schastye.

on: February 04, 2015 VIDEO 
The video was made during a successful counterattack by a militia armoured unit on the checkpoint near locality Chernukhino, where bodies could be seen lying around. 

The images show a corpse in military uniform with embroidered Belgian flag in one of the trenches. Away from the camera, a volunteer asks not to disturb the body without the help of a specialist, because the Ukrainian army tends to put mines in the bodies. Heavy fighting is still going on in the vicinity of the village. 

The most significant militia attacks are now being directed to Debaltsevo. The militia beat the Ukrainian regular army at the checkpoint near Chernukhino. 

Earlier the Ukrainian army had tried to recapture the most strategic positions. Journalists were accompanying the tank unit during the battle for the checkpoint.

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