Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Shelter PIF is the only rescue for animals in Donetsk

on: February 03, 2015
 Workers of PIF do everything what is possible to save left pets in this hard time. They give shelter for pets those were afraid of shelling and ran away and lost, they give them shelter before their owners come and take them back. Actually, both people, and animals suffer from explosions and fragments of shells. Veterinaries save lives of innocent animals. 

There is hospital in the shelter, animals are examined there, and vets made operations and provided all necessary medical aid for their patients. Commandant, 2 years. He was wounded at the checkpoint. His leg was seriously broken. 

We will try to put plastids; we have to get them at first. Jinnah 2-3 years, she was wounded on 22 January when Kiev punitives shelled micro district of Donetsk Bosse.

 Fragment cunt her leg. Many dogs were evacuated from the airport, many of them were wounded. Animal management and treatment foresees constant expenditures for medicines, food and other necessities. The shelter needs your help! 

The shelter does not get state donations and exists at the expenses of voluntary donations. There are about 900 dogs under the shelter’s wing. The shelter needs extremely porridge, food item, medicines, material to make dogs’ cabins warmer, workers and financial aid. 

When the organization Razvitie Ukrainy (Development of Ukraine) stopped providing aid, the situation is getting extremely hard. 

 We rely on your compassion and we will be very grateful for all kind of aid! Write, phone, and come! Our contacts since 9.00-17.00 every day: +38 050-549-33-99, +38 050-177-91-38,
administrators of the charity fund PIF +38 050-626-71-79,
 press-service of PIF

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