Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Who killed 30 citizens of Mariupol?

January 27, 2015 -reportage from military correspondents Dmitriy Steshin and Alexandr Kots

 Saturday. Mourning. Local population gathered at the bus stop Bosse. They brought carnations, candles, posters where was written I am Bosse, I am Donetsk’. More than 10 civilians were killed here on 22nd January as a result of artillery attack from the North-West side.

 This conclusion was made by the mission OSCE. Kiev became sad after the report of OSCE, because they accused “terrorists”. And they did not even announce the mourning. It is such inconvenient tragedy to make plug with a help of it. In principle, people die in Donetsk every day as a result of artillery shelling of Ukrainians, but these casualties are not so obvious for Ukraine and West. ‘I have no idea how to express condolences to relatives of died people. 

Part of us died with them’, announced Zaharchenko at the funeral ceremony. ‘I’d like to tell just one thing that they kill us because we wanted to be liberated. We are different from them, because we are brave, proud, and love of freedom. I do not agree that we have to forgive murders. 

The advance on Mariupol has been started today, with God’s will we will close to the trap in Debalstsevo in couple of days. And it may be the best memory to casualties, because we will take revenge to everyone. The salvo of artillery shell fell down those minutes at the populated areas of the Eastern part of Mariupol. Deadly shells crushed flats in 9-storied houses, they exploded in yards of schools, and windows were broken in kindergartens…

.People died on the streets directly. Common people, civilians were subjected to fire. Smudge in mixture with powder char has been still above the districts, and Kiev in its turn has already found guilty people in this tragedy. How it was found out that the terrorists confessed themselves that they attacked Mariupol. And they have to be admitted guilty. And Security Service of Ukraine found prepared video with radio intercept of “separatists”, “bomb-disposal experts” of battalion Azov made the expertise immediately with a help of web of mobile and compass on iphone. 

The data interface of the tragedy in the West is traditionally one-sided. Poroshenko announced Sunday to be the day of mourning, his assistants printed paper A4 with sign I am Mariupol, and the part of Russian missile was sent from Donbass to Kiev by special fight’… Bingo! Regular bloody crime of martial separatists has been revealed: ‘We need help of NATO and it is urgent. And we need also credits for food and gas’. Diplomatic Bacchanalia at the all levels and the task has been carried out. And what was the task? It was to stop the counterattack of the militia, of course. It has been already tradition that when UAF get hits, then something very horrible happens. ‘No one is going to storm the city’, announced Zaharchenko in the Saturday’s evening.

‘We are not beasts like in Kiev. We did not carry out active actions near Mariupol till today. But, when Kiev decided to shift the responsibility on to us for failure fire of their Grad from the settlement Berdyanskoe at populated district where we were. And I ordered to suppress fire of troops that are dislocated to the East from Mariupol.

 Our positions near Novoazivsk are subjected to massive shelling from Grad and heavy-gun armament all days and nights. Armoured vehicles of 28th Ukrainian brigade have appeared there today. It is being made to make us to redeploy all our subdivisions from the Donetsk airport and to weaken us and dislodge us

 VIDEO PROOVES Donetsk is located in hour of trip from Mariupol. We would leave everything and occur at the place of the tragedy to make our own conclusions. Unfortunately, we are in investigative lists of SSU like dozens of our colleagues.

 And the trip to Mariupol can finish like trip to Kiev with sacks on our heads. But the century of information technologies provides incredible abilities for so-called sofa analytics, and its conclusions are very often correct. All the incidents are fixed by dozens of web cameras, auto registrations and mobiles. All the material is put to the Internet.

 The majority conclusions of sofa-analytics have been coincided. We took for example the analysis of the tragedy made by our colleague Valentin Trushninin from the channel Ren, he is working in Donetsk also. Valentin studied properly 17-minutes video made by fighters of battalion Azov after the shelling: ‘In regard to the crater, it is seen perfectly seen from where the shell flown. 

The fragments were not flown apart. The main force of the explosion was from the direction of the flight, as if it was by inertia. And it is possible to determine due to the photo from where the shell flew. It is necessary to take to the region. 

There is school 5 at the video; the shell flew down to the yard of the school. Let’s examine stop-cadre (photo 1).
Due to the crater is seen that the shell flew down from left to right. Let’s find this school at the photo from the satellite (photo 2).
 It is seen that the operator reached school from the South-East corner, and entered the school from the Southern side. And when we match two these photo, we see that the shell flew down from the West, from the territory controlled by UAF.

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