Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Central Hospital hit by Ukrainian shell in Donetsk

January 21, 2015
 Donetsk hospital № 3 located in densely-populated residential area in Donetsk, Kalininskiy district was hit by Ukrainian shell yesterday at about 11 a.m. (January 19).

The hospital is located in student campus area between two colleges: Donetsk Medical School with dormitories being just 400 meters away from the hospital and Donetsk Trade Institute located just across the road from the hospital. Several shells struck hospital building, the devastation aftermath could be seen at the photo below.

 One of the shells struck hospital central entrance. Windows were broken, glasses were all over the place. Central heating system has been damaged so there’s water everywhere on the floor. Cardiology unit was mostly affected.

One cardiologist is claimed to be wounded. Patients were taken to empty wards on the first floor as the most damaged were the second, third and fourth floors.
 Another one injured — a woman pharmacist was contused and shell-shocked. Five aged patients were also contused.

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