Saturday, January 24, 2015

Army of Novororssiya started full-scale attack

on: January 24, 2015
This fact was confirmed by official representatives of the DPR and Ukrainian part did it cautiously. There are many indirect indicators that are signs of attack.

 For instance, severe announcements of Ukrainian militants concerning secret envelopes with strategic plans those are in their safes. 

Next are visits of politicians to the zone of military actions. The authorities of the republics understood that the fourth wave of mobilization has to be broken. It is the only way to ruin enemy’s front. ------

----- The Army of the DPR has started ruing base areas of the enemy near Donetsk; Peski, Avdeevka, Opytnoe, Vodyanoe last time. The head of the DPR Zaharchenko announced: ‘The DPR will not try to talk with Kiev about ceasefire any more.

 Our part will not take such attempts. We will look how Kiev will react. Kiev does not understand that we can attack at three directions simultaneously.

 We will not have ceasefire and rotations. There will be only war prisoners exchanges, because our militias have to be realized. We hit the punitives until they leave the borders of the Donetsk region’. -----

------- -What is going on near the city? -Armoured Forces of Ukraine left Yasinovataya. Ukrainian Army tries to attack in Avdeevka. 

-There are many discussions about diversionists in Donetsk, is it true?

 -There were 12 departures to signals about diversionists. 
Words of Vladislav Breeg confirm reduced shelling of Donetsk indirectly, artillery of UAF has more important deals and not shelling of Donetsk.

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