Monday, December 15, 2014

Molotov cocktails thrown at Serb home in Gnjilane

GNJILANE - Unknown attackers threw two Molotov cocktails at the house of the Serb family Nojic in the city of Gnjilane, southwest Kosovo-Metohija (KiM), during the night between Friday and Saturday. Nobody was injured but damage was caused to the house in the attack, according to reports by local TV Plus from Silovo near Gnjilane. 

 “I could see fire at the entrance to the house and thank God I was awake to put out the fire in time,” said Srdjan Nojic, who lives in the family house with his 70-year-old mother Bosiljka. He said that it was the tenth attack on their house and he was no longer reporting the incidents as he could not trust the Kosovo police anymore. 

 The Nojics moved from Gnjilane in 2000, but returned to the region in 2009, and now they are the only remaining Serbs in the Gnjilane neighborhood of Kamnik. The family are often a target of attacks by ethnic Albanians, who are provoking and denigrating them in various ways, and their house has been stoned several times. 

 The latest attack on the Nojics is the second incident occurring in the Gnjilane area this week. Two Serbian boys from the village of Prekovce sustained injuries to their arms and hands when a 17-year-old Albanian from Gnjilane attacked them for no apparent reason in the village of Gornje Kusce, Novo Brdo municipality, on Thursday.
 Photo Tanjug, Boki (illustration, archive)

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