Tuesday, July 22, 2014

AMAZING: The Case of 'velvet monkey "- anti-Russian media scam! (VIDEO)

UKRAINE - International media have placed a photograph of a pro-Russian troops from the crash Malaysian aircraft holding a "plush monkey" which was found among the things of the victims.

Postings such as "pro-Russian terrorists holding toys as a trophy," the Greater Western media around the world by showing this picture, including the BBC and EnBiSi, but what actually happened was quite different.

  The reason the pro-Russian soldier picked up a toy stuffed monkey is as follows.

 When reporters and a delegation from the OSCE arrived at the crash site the Malaysian aircraft, the soldier saw things in a toy stuffed majmunčeta, came up and took the hand and said, 
"Here let the bastards see who was shot down. 
This is a children's toy. 
They killed innocent children ". 
 The soldier then turned, dropped a toy on the ground and crossed himself paying tribute to the victims.

Watch the video!

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