Friday, June 6, 2014

Self-defence fighters crash air scout over Slavyansk

6 June 2014, 20:27h VIDEO

Self-defence fighters have shot down an Antonov An-30B reconnaissance aircraft over Slavyansk where combat action is going on between the rebels and the Ukrainian army, the protesters’ headquarters.

 Resistance fighters said that the air scout was brought down by an anti-aircraft installation while it was flying over the city centre. It fell down in the area of the Mayaki village, the pilots ejected themselves. The protesters’ headquarters reported that two helicopters of the Ukrainian army flew to the location to search for the crew,informed RIA Novosti.

 The Kiev authorities have been conducting a military action in the east of Ukraine since mid-April to suppress a protest that arose as a result of the February coup d’etat.

The most heated confrontation took place in Slavyansk in the north of the Donetsk Region, now controlled by the protesters’ troops, as well as in Kramatorsk nearby and in Mariupol in the south of the region. Moscow calls this special operation, which has already resulted in multiple casualties, a punitive action and urges Kiev to stop it immediately. Read more: 

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