Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Gruesome ISIS atrocities: Video shows Iraqi soldiers insulted, then executed (GRAPHIC)

Mistreatment of captive Iraqi soldiers. Screenshot from the alleged ISIS videoMistreatment of captive Iraqi soldiers. Screenshot from the alleged ISIS video Militants taking-over parts of Iraq make no bones about broadcasting their reign of terror.

Fresh footage from the ISIS-occupied territories shows Iraqi soldiers being taunted and executed by exuberant militants. Videos were published on one of the jihadist websites which appear to show the same event. A group of five Iraqi soldiers, their hands bound behind their back, are shown sitting on the ground.

 The militants mock and taunt them, calling them enemies of God who will be killed. The soldiers are forced to chant the slogan of the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS), the radical Islamist movement that is leading a shock offensive in Iraq since last week. A separate video shows one of the prisoners lying on the ground with a gun wound to his head, apparently executed by the militants.

 ISIS previously released photos of mass executions of Iraqi soldiers and security troops. There are also reports of hundreds of civilians being rounded up and executed by the militants. The Sunni radical group is seeking to establish a fundamental Sunni state in Iraq and Syria and is targeting Shiites, who are the majority in Iraq.

 The surprise lighting offensive took the Iraqi government by surprise and sent many Iraqi troops fleeing from the less numerous but more determined militants. Releasing evidence of executions is apparently part of the ISIS campaign to undermine the already low morale of the Iraqi forces.

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