Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Massacre in Donetsk: Ukrainians rocketed truck with the wounded, 35 dead

Donetsk - At least 35 people were killed when the rocket launcher hit by a truck, which was in the area of the airport in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine, transported the wounded, according to the Rasa tudej tonight

. Governor of Donetsk area Pavel Gubarev announced on Facebook that the truck was marked as an ambulance and said that the attack wounded 15 people.

 According to earlier reports, agency, self-defense forces Donetsk managed to gain control of the international airport in Donetsk, where one person was killed and two injured. 

 The battle for the airport took about three hours and was strong and dramatic , just a day after holding predsedničnih elections, which is the new head of state elected oligarch Petro Pigs. Source: Reuters, Pressonline

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