Tuesday, March 11, 2014

CIA recognized the Third World War has begun!


 VAŠNGTON - The public has played in the American intelligence agencies which speaks openly about the problem of breeding people and solution involving global control, manipulation and defense of human beings, which is in the hands of the agency that works closely with the World Government of the planet. The third world war has started a long time ago, it is now safe! Poor people we expectantly look at the suffering in the world.

 Reaching out to the attacked people around the globe await the third world war, the moment has come, that is inevitable and real. Where will escalate, how and when? Every protest, every military intervention, every conference and every word of world statesmen, analyzes, listen and put into boxes, standards, opinions. In fact, the area is a show, directed by the world's best directors, the actors pretending that they deserve any Oscars. There's no way to break in, they are serious about their work, so satisfied with his role that they themselves believe in the staged reality of their masters. People absorb what was given to them as the truth floating near their eyes closed. It is called global manipulation.

 The reality that elusive goes and kills everything in its path. The wars of our history were visible, were heard neighing horse, cries of pain, screams of the living man. Army were formed, each defended, others were killed, sacrificed, destroyed, mutilated. The bodies of the innocent bodies of soldiers were blended with ground powder. Oh, how our planet is only absorbed in the blood of its depth in its pores and its heat. Today we have a war ahead. Too small, but pervasive and deadly. While we expect an escalation of Ukraine, Syria, Libya, intervention by China, the U.S., Russia, Turkey or any other armed country, a war is taking place now and is deeply rooted in our present. And that is publicly recognized. 

 The left is the official video U.S. intelligence agencies that is scary. This video is a genuine recognition of depopulation of the Earth. They recognized that the fight against man, against his birth. Video is manipulative, horrible and totally discovery of their plans. You know, all those conspiracy theories about whom we wrote about the enslavement of the population of poisoning and killing, are true and are fully recognized. 

 It is recognized that the third world war, a war against man, in progress, it is recognized that the man alive their greatest enemy that exists, it should be tame, eliminate, kill. The first part of the video is a special propaganda. It analyzes the numbers and observations which suggest that, if we continue to emerge, die. It is sown fear of man because man will eventually, according to them, a man devour men. Man sentenced for draining energy of the planet, a man was sentenced for wasting water, food, for living. The second part of the video is a solution that has a U.S. intelligence agency. They recognized the world in their own world, they have admitted that the war has been going on for many years. 

 If you wake up, you will be killed! The fact is that this war is taking place systematically at all levels of our society, that we speak out, and we do not hear. Many people do not see and do not want to see or can not see reality. Who does not wake up from the illusion imposed certainly will not survive, because everything was so carefully designed that it is hard to believe but it's true. Before people were killed in the country from which they originated, today mass dying in a hospital bed not knowing that they had been attacked. 

While people are waiting for the escalation of weapons in the world, the weapon is already installed, cocked and used. Oh, so you just cheated. Empire has long been attacked, a man struggling to be and knows his oblivious ignorance. You guys are the real aim of the war which we live and which we expect the war that is taking place at the moment while we wait for him. All the efforts of the global empire focused on the man and it is now publicly acknowledged. Watch the video and see for yourself. Depopulation is needed and necessary, to tell us, and yourself as the solution. Corporations, powers, led by the evil lord against humanity planet. Here's how.

 Food this world has completely poisoned. People in the West are not aware of how poisoned. How are toxins enter into your body, which is deposited in people years. After that, one day, just diagnosed, they fall into bed and die. Processed food is full of chemicals, artificial colors, human fetus, heavy metals, carcinogenic substances. About all this there are studies that are indeed presented to the public several times, but people are not, I do not see or hear. The rate of cancer like a plague in the western world thrives abnormal. People suffer every day, systematically, over night, die. In the East, for example, in Japan, cancer has no or negligible in amounts. Why? Because of the food that people bring into the body. 

We are allowed to put the matter in the food we eat, we are aware and continue to put into your body and the outcome is inevitable. Disease and death. If not Bring consciousness to the truth about the water you drink, you will be killed! In our water, potable and clean water is put fluoride poison by the Nazis allowed into the water concentration camps to make the prisoners omutavili and so they were beheaded and peace of mind to all that is happening. We drink this water every day.

 For an alternative we have water from plastic bottles, bottle carcinogenic, with a dead water, water with no life. Well, you know those wells with drinking water that soon had every yard, they are prohibited and will soon be illegal to serve them, it is true and it is already taking place. Their weapons flowing to our water supply, and that's the reality. If not Bring consciousness to the truth about vaccines, you will be killed! Vaccines and famous vaccine, funded by eugenicists most of the world serve their purpose. Except that they are killing people in the very beginning of life, vaccination of the population speak with a mass mailing of various lethal viruses. There is a global sterilizing people with vaccines in order to prevent uncontrolled multiplication of man, the things which he possessed planet. Horrifying, but true. If not Bring consciousness to the truth of the air you breathe, you will be killed! 

 Cemtrailsi are real, and HAARP, weapon to control the weather. The actual chemicals in the air we breathe and the effects that they cause, death, sterility and disease. Who see, see, and who do not see a saw. If not Bring consciousness propaganda of death, you will be killed in its essence! In addition to food, water and vaccines, and the air, everything else is possible and impossible, which serve people, poisoned. Even the toys for the children poisoned, clothing, kitchen utensils, medicines that are actually poisons that doctors are actually murderers, clothing, cosmetics, in a word, everything. For all this, there are studies that have ignored the reality, but they do exist for those who want to see the truth. But not only poisoned our bodies. The aim of the poison and the human soul, reshape and destroy.
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/76M08-s8c_M" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Media manipulation, manipulation of sound, culture and manipulation of art, literature, science, education, all this takes place for the man who has to obey, but shall be deprived of their liberty, body, spirit and life. To prove it is best to look at the video confession below. Video to manipulate, cuts and announces change the world. Do not wake up from this terrible illusion will be killed and that's for sure! Their weapon he fired, the next move is the man who is the cost of living has to wake up if he wants to continue to live on the planet gift of man.

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