Monday, March 24, 2014

Bozovic: UNMIK, EULEX should solve Serbs' problems

3/23/2014 2:10:00 PM

BELGRADE, OSLO - Serbia's State Secretary for the Interior Vladimir Bozovic has said in Oslo that UNMIK and EULEX should be more committed to solving the problems of the Kosovo Serbs, as well as battling organized crime and corruption.

He visited Norway March 21-22 and met with State Secretary for Foreign Affairs Bard Glad. Bozovic commended the work of the international investigative team led by Clint Williams and added that Serbia supported the proposal to create a special ad hoc tribunal for war crimes and organ trafficking in Kosovo. Bozovic thanked Norway on its significant support for Serbia, the country's reforms and development, and especially for helping improve the work of the police and judiciary

. Glad expects Serbia's next government to continue strongly with reforms, the battle against organized crimes and corruption and create an investment climate that would help create new jobs. Bozovic and Glad discussed plans and projects for development and improving bilateral and miltilateral cooperation, including joint participation by police and military personnel in peace missions. Bozovic met also with State Secretary for Justice Hans Rosjorde to discuss cooperation between that ministry and Serbia's Interior Ministry. 

 The two focused in particular on improving the crime fighting capabilities of the two police forces and possibilities of cooperation between the Norwegian Police University and the newly established Criminal Police University of Serbia. Photo Tanjug, S.Radovanovic

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