Sunday, February 9, 2014

Vulin: Do not reduce international presence in Kosovo

KLINA - Outgoing Minister without Portfolio in charge of Kosovo-Metohija Aleksandar Vulin called on the international community on Thursday to refrain from reducing the number of its troops in Kosovo-Metohija and stated that without international troops, life of returnees in the province would not be possible.

  Vulin visited the village of Klinavac in Klina municipality on Thursday where the home of Serb returnee family Vucicevic was set on fire several days ago. Homes are set on fire here daily, households are robbed, people are physically assaulted and not a single perpetrator has been identified yet, Vulin said.

 He called on the international community to carefully consider the consequences before adopting the decision to reduce the number of their troops in Kosovo-Metohija. The Serbian government wants the international community to refrain from reducing the number of their troops and use its presence to set up rule of law for all, not just for Serbs or Albanians but for everyone, Vulin said and added that if the international community fails to do so, there will be no chance of return or recovery of the people in the area.

 Klinavac, central Kosovo-Metohija, is home to as few as seven returnee families and Minister Vulin warned that everyone will leave in the end if violent incidents persist and the international community will bear the responsibility for this. A total of 22,000 Serbs returned to Kosovo-Metohija since 1999 but only 4,000 of them remained there, Vulin said and added that he believes the number is even lower now. Screenshot Tanjug video

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