Thursday, November 28, 2013

Vulin: Kosovo will not become member of UN

11/27/2013 4:57:00 PM

BELGRADE - Kosovo will not become a member of the UN while Serbia exists, and the agreement on Kosovo's representation at regional meetings will not be changed, Serbia's Minister Without Portfolio in charge of Kosovo Aleksandar Vulin said on Wednesday. "There is no room for Kosovo in the UN and there will be no changes to existing agreements... what was agreed in Brussels cannot be changed in Pristina, or Belgrade," Vulin said in Belgrade.

 The ofice for Kosovo had its own stand at the self-government expo in Belgrade, where 6 municipalities from Kosovo were presented, and Vulin was present as the head of the office. He said Belgrade's policy was clear and that Belgrade would remain committed to the Brussels agreement and the agreements signed before the current government took power. Tribuna from Pristina cited diplomatic sources in saying Kosovo would not become a member of the UN, and that Pristina had been told in no uncertain terms to give up on that goal at the current stage of the dialogue. 

 Commenting on support from the SLS to the Citizen Initiative Srpska candidate list in the second round of the local elections in Kosovo and a potential coalition, Vulin said no one had ever tried to divide the Serbs or turn them into enemies, and that everyone was welcome. "We feel that a correct government policy supported the largest list, and the list Srpska includes Serbs from all municipalities and it is logical that we should unite around our flag, government and the list Srpska," Vulin stated, adding that Srpska had either won or would win in the second round in all 10 municipalities. He hopes the Serbs will finally unite and speak in one voice in Kosovo. 

 Vulin called again on the Serbs to vote in the second round of the elections and think well when they vote, because those who would represent them should earn their trust and secure a constant link to the Serbian government. "That goes for the Serbs in the north and south, and I hope that after the elections, we will not divide Serbs into those who live north and those who live south of the Ibar river, nor in any other way," Vulin stated. The association of Serb municipalities Belgrade is fighting for will have full control over healthcare, education, economic development and urban planning, he stressed. Photo Tanjug - Danilo Peternek

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