Thursday, November 28, 2013

Trial begins for Seljimi, three other former members of KLA

11/27/2013 1:18:00 PM

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA - The trial began at the Basic Court in Kosovska Mitrovica on Wednesday for Sulejman Seljimi, former chief commander of the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), the paramilitary unit of ethnic Albanians, for a war crime against civilian population.

Seljimi is the incumbent Kosovo ambassador to Albania, and the indictment also charges Ismet Hadza, Nedzat Cubrelji and Sefki Hiseni with maltreating and raping two girls from the area of Kosovska Mitrovica. The four accused were brought to the Basic Court in Kosovska Mitrovica on Wednesday morning, under heavy security measures by the EULEX Special Police units. EULEX Spokeswoman Irina Gudeljevic told Tanjug that, on November 13 this year, the international prosecutor from the Special Prosecution Office of Kosovo raised an indictment against the four suspects. 

 “They are charged with the war crime against civilian population, including the maltreatment and rape of two Albanian civilians, the crimes having been allegedly committed in the villages of Vaganica and Likovac during 1998-1999,” she said. Seljimi faces another indictment due to his involvement with the Drenica Group of the KLA, whose members are also accused of war crimes against civilian population in 1998-1999. For that case, the trial should start in Pristina in the first week of December. 

 Another indictee in this case is Sami Ljustaku, mayor of the town of Srbica and former commander of the KLA's Drenica operational zone. The list of indictees also includes Nedzat Demaku, mayor of the town of Glogovac, Fadilj Demaku, an MP in Kosovo's parliament, Agim Baskim, Driton and Seljman Demaj, Zecir and Jahir Demaku, Sabit Geci, Ismet Hadza, Sahit Jasari, Avni Zabelji and Isni Taci. According to this indictment, Seljimi is accused of seven crimes, and Ljustaku, Sahit Jasari and Sabit Geci were charged with the brutal murder of Ivan Bulatovic, the Serb police commander in Glogovac, in 1998. Photo Tanjug, BOKI

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