Thursday, November 28, 2013

Lagumdzija: Serbia-BiH relations getting better and better

11/28/2013 4:00:00 PM

SARAJEVO - Relations between Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) and Serbia are on the upswing, and the leadership of Serbia is obviously more than willing to improve relations with its neighbors, particularly with BiH, BiH Foreign Minister Zlatko Lagumdzija has said. I think the climate in the entire region is better now than it was in the past 15 years, Lagumdzija told Tanjug. 

 Relationship between any two countries in the region, especially in the group of countries made up of Serbia, BiH and Croatia, and also Montenegro, have never been better, despite the many open issues, said Lagumdzija, who is also deputy chairman of the BiH Council of Ministers. Commenting on the upcoming joint meeting of the Council of Ministers and the Serbian government, which has been postponed due to a BiH government reshuffle, Lagumdzija said that the meeting is a milestone in overall relations between BiH and Serbia.

 The meeting, Lagumdzija said, carries “a lot of content and symbolism.” It is seen as an opportunity to resolve outstanding issues and step up cooperation and is therefore awaited with great impatience. One of the major open-ended questions is the border question, as formally, it has not been fully drawn yet. Another issue is the claims of the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia states for their share of the former country, and the resolution of property issues. “I believe that we will be able to resolve these issues. During my last visit to Belgrade, I had meetings with (Serbian Prime Minister) Ivica Dacic, (First Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar) Vucic and (Foreign Minister Ivan) Mrkic and I really saw an openness to our working together,” said Lagumdzija. 

 The meeting will be a good opportunity to discuss starting certain economic and other projects, pointing out that BiH is preparing for the World Cup in Brazil, where the country does not have an embassy mission, and Belgrade has. I expect that Serbia will help us there, and I have found an open door, Lagumdzija said. Lagumdzija said that Serbia has made great strides in European integration, especially after the April 19 Brussels agreement between Belgrade and Pristina, while BiH is still where it was 12 years ago. I wish to congratulate Serbia for its achievements on the European path, Lagumdzija said, adding that he is happy about Croatia’s becoming an EU member, as it will help BiH move faster on its road to Europe. He stressed that BiH foreign policy consists of three man objectives, which are also the three “instruments of change” for domestic affairs – the EU, moving towards NATO integration and regional cooperation. Photo Tanjug, R. Prelic, archive

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