Sunday, November 3, 2013

Future of Kosovo Serbs to be determined on Sunday

11/1/2013 3:48:00 PM

 GRACANICA - The Citizens' Initiative Srpska made it clear at the final election rally in Gracanica on Friday that the future of Serbs in Kosovo-Metohija (KiM) will be determined in local polls on November 3. Vladeta Kostic, leader of the Citizens' Initiative Srpska who also heads its electoral list, said that on Sunday citizens will not vote for one political party or option, but rather on the further road map.

 The state of Serbia with its leadership and institutions opted for that road, and that is the road toward forming a community of Serb municipalities, he said. Any other choice would mean the establishment of some non-governmental organization, Kostic said. "The Citizens' Initiative was created thanks to the unity of all those who were on the side of our negotiating team, who stood by the Serbian government when it sustained severe criticism because it accepted the Brussels agreement. It was set up thanks to those who defended the project of Serb municipalities as the only solution for the survival of Serbs in Kosovo-Metohija," Kostic underscored. 

 The Citizens' Initiative Srpska will be open to all options after the elections, he added. Dragan Jablanovic, a candidate for Leposavic Mayor, said that as of Monday the terms such as Serbs from the north and south will not be used any more, but all will be Serbs from KiM. "We are creating one Serb community, and on Sunday we are laying foundations for this community, and then we will build a Serb house that will be outlined after the formation of the community of Serb municipalities," he said. Jablanovic explained that a crucial step will then be taken to make Serbs unite behind one Serb list and fight unanimously in provincial elections, and be the strongest party in KiM. 

 On Sunday, a referendum will take place that will go down in the history of Serb people as it will mark the end of the assimilation, and return to Serbia, he said. Branimir Stojanovic, a candidate for Gracanica Mayor, said that the Citizens' Initiative Srpska will offer its hand to all who get their goals, and will help build "a Serb house" in KiM. Photo Tanjug, T. Valic

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