Sunday, October 20, 2013

Vukovar keeps bilingual signs in place, withdraws police

10/18/2013 2:46:00 PM

VUKOVAR - A meeting between Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic and war veterans from the Croatian city of Vukovar ended late on Thursday with an agreement to withdraw police officers guarding bilingual signs with text written in the Serbian Cyrillic script from the streets.

  Milanovic and members of the 'Headquarters for the Defense of Croatian Vukovar' also agreed to remove the protective fencing put up around the bilingual signs mounted on public institution buildings in the eastern Croatian city. Milanovic confirmed that the police started retreating from Vukovar streets last night, as security assessments showed their presence is not necessary, according to Croatia's Hina news agency. He said that the bilingual signs, written in the Croat Latin and Serbian Cyrillic scripts, will stay in place and one's behavior towards them will be on one's own responsibility. 
 After the meeting with Milanovic, Chairman of the 'Headquarters for the Defense of Croatian Vukovar' Tomislav Josic said that the war veterans informed the prime minister about the issue of “fabricated census data in Vukovar.”
 The Serbs in Vukovar gained the right to bilingual representation after the latest census showed they make up more than one third of the city's population. However, the putting up of the signs in September was followed by incidents and protests staged by Croatia's veterans from the 1990s Croatian war. Bilingual signs were torn down in Vukovar and other Croatian cities in the wake of these events. 
 Photo, Photo Tanjug, F. Kraincanic

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