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Security threats require new forms of cooperation

10/18/2013 4:15:00 PM

BUCHAREST - Serbia's Prime Minister and Interior Minister Ivica Dacic said Friday that the primary task of the Serbian government is to protect national interests and territorial sovereignty by protecting the country's borders and successfuly dealing with security issues. Speaking at a meeting of the Committee of Ministers of the Contracting Parties to the Police Cooperation Convention for Southeast Europe in Bucharest today, Dacic pointed to the political, economic and strategic importance of Serbia acquiring the candidate status for membership of the EU and opening EU membership talks, Serbia’s Ministry of the Interior said in a release. Although the First Intergovernmental Conference on Serbia's accession negotiations is planned for January in 2014, the screening of EU acquis Chapters 23 and 24 means that the membership talks have actually already begun, the release said. 

 Speaking about the security threats faced by the Republic of Serbia, its neighbors and the European Union, Dacic said that they require new responses by the police and new forms of cooperation. He said that by signing several dozen agreements with the countries of the region and the EU on cooperation in the field of security, justice and control of migration and by implementing them, Serbia expressed its political and operational readiness to face all security challenges, especially in the fight against organized and other serious forms of crime.

 “We need to further improve border security in terms of further strengthening the administrative and operational capacities, which should facilitate movement of people, thwart cross-border activities of organized crime rings, make it possible to effectively plan and manage migration and finally bring the Republic of Serbia and other countries in the region to the threshold of the European Union,” said the Serbian prime minister. He emphasized that Serbia is devoted to the implementation of the Police Cooperation Convention for Southeast Europe. Dacic welcomed Austria’s proposal to introduce a tripartite presidency that should ensure a stable and continuous process in the implementation of the convention, and also the country’s initiative to establish teams to pursuit fugitives with more efficiency. 

 Dacic said that the Republic of Serbia will be a reliable partner in all joint activities at the regional and European levels, the Interior Ministry’s release said. 
 Photo Tanjug, Z. Zestić, arehive

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