Sunday, October 20, 2013

Blast in Kosovska Mitrovica, no one injured

10/18/2013 2:03:00 PM
 KOSOVSKA MITROVICA - A blast took place in the northern part of Kosovska Mitrovica early on Friday morning, in which no one was injured, but substantial material damage was caused. Three shops were damaged in the explosion. 

The Kosovo police arrived and began investigating the site. It is still to be determined which type of explosive was used, Regional Chief of Operations at the Kosovo Police Zeljko Bojic told Tanjug. The perpetrators targeted a fast food restaurant. A café and a betting shop were also damaged in a blast. Several days ago, an explosive device was planted on the window of the apartment belonging to Nebojsa Maric in Kosovska Mitrovica who was a candidate for councilor on the electoral list of the Independent Liberal Party. ---------

-- Hodzic: Attack in Mitrovica is act of terrorism 
 Candidate for northern Mitrovica mayor Adrijana Hodzic condemned the bombing attack in Kosovska Mitrovica early on Friday and said that offenders need to be identified and brought to justice. In a release, Hodzic said that the attack in Mitrovica early on Friday is a terrorist act and added that the reason for attacks lies in the fact that the authorities failed to punish individuals who committed such crimes in the past.

 Members of EULEX, KFOR and the Kosovo Police Service need to react in the right way to find and punish the offenders because this is the only way to stop the outbreaks of chaos which have been rather frequent in the city of late, said Hodzic who holds office as the director of the Serbian government Administrative Office in Mitrovica. The blast which hit Kosovska Mitrovica early on Friday caused damage to three shops in the downtown and the police qualified the incident as a criminal act of causing general danger. --------

--- Miletic:Latest attack in Mitrovica politically motivated too 
 Secretary General of the Independent Liberal Party (SLS) Petar Miletic stated on Friday that the bombing attack on the shop owned by Djordje Kostic in northern Mitrovica was politically motivated and aims to intimidate and demotivate those planning to vote in the November 3 elections. Miletic, who also holds office as the deputy speaker in the Kosovo parliament, noted in a release that it is absolutely unacceptable for political differences to be resolved by violence and demanded that the international and local police finally do something to punish those using violence to political ends. Miletic noted that Kostic was attacked just because he is the SLS candidate, and added that Kostic will not withdraw from the list. Miletic said that he informed Kostic that this incident reinforced his belief that he is following the right course. He expressed concern over the elections in northern Kosovo after all the incidents in which candidates were attacked, and noted that this cannot be labelled as a democratic electoral atmosphere. --------

--- Serbia's office for Kosovo condemns incident in K. Mitrovica 
 The Serbian government office for Kosovo has condemned the incident in northern Kosovska Mitrovica that occurred on Friday morning, and it appealed to the authorities to find and punish the culprits. Three business establishments were damaged in an explosion in Kosovska Mitrovica on Friday. "We appeal and sincerely hope that the authorities in Kosovo will finally start doing their job and find and punish deservingly at least one of the culprits of the many crimes that have happened until now," the office stated. The government and the office invest great efforts to make sure life in Kosovo returns to normal and neighbours start trusting each other again, the statement says. The way to do that is to put a stop to crimes and punish all criminals, regardless of their nationality, the office said. There were no casualties in the explosion on Friday, but there was considerable property damage. Photo Tanjug, BOKI

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