Sunday, September 22, 2013

Government's job is to support healthy investments in Serbia

PLANDISTE - Serbia's Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said on Thursday the government's job was to enable and assist all healthy investments that bring profit and employment to the people of Serbia, adding that it would continue on that path.

He attended the opening of the construction of a wind farm in Plandiste and said the investment would provide jobs for 300 people during construction and significantly improve the infrastructure around Plandiste. "Serbia will compete with the best, not the worst, during modernization. We will compete with the best countries in western Europe, but also with all the developed countries, eastern nations and developed states around the world," he noted. 

 Western European countries produce a significant amount of green energy through wind farms, and it is time to ask why Serbia does not have that, since Banat in particular is ideal for such a thing, Vucic pointed out. Green energy output will go up from 21 to 27 percent in the coming period, in accordance with the obligations Serbia has taken on, Vucic said, adding that he believed those obligations would also be profitable. He called on NIS and partners from private companies, who have a 50 percent share in the investment in Plandiste, to carry on their work and investments and make a profit. 

 "Their job is to earn money, become richer and more profitable while ours is to incite that so we could get more through taxes and make the ocuntry and its people richer," Vucic said. "Our job is to attract investors and provide jobs for the people and I am certain we will have good results," Vucic concluded. NIS launches construction of first wind farm in Serbia 

 The Petroleum Industry of Serbia (NIS) launched the construction of the first wind farm in Serbia in the municipality of Plandiste in which EUR 160 million would be invested, NIS Director General Kirill Kravchenko announced. The construction works were launched by Serbian First Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic and Kravchenko, who said that the joint company NIS Energowind would be in charge of project realisation in which NIS will have 50 percent of shares, while the rest of it is owned by private investors. According to Kravchenko, the project should be completed within 12 months. He announced that the scope of funds invested by NIS would not exceed EUR 23 million and the rest of the sum will be ensured by partners in the project and loan resources. Kravchenko said that Serbia is a positive destination for investments and announced new investment projects. 

 The new wind farm should have 34 wind generation devices to the total capacity of 102 megawatts and the Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS) will purchase the energy from the wind farm. A total of 300 people will be hired in the construction of the Plandiste wind farm. NIS Director General Kirill Kravchenko, Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic and Plandiste Mayor Milan Selakovic signed a message which was then placed in a time capsule and built in the cornerstone of the power station. The message states that the project aims to enhance Serbia's energy sector so as to improve infrastructure and open new jobs, and to raise the level of the country's energy stability.

 The opening of the new wind farm in Serbia was attended by Energy Minister Zorana Mihajlovic, Russian Ambassador in Serbia Alexander Chepurin and co-owner of the NIS Energowind Goran Novakovic. Photo Tanjug, Z. Zestic

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