Monday, August 26, 2013

Serbia-RS relations to remain good after gov't reshuffle

8/22/2013 10:09:00 PM

BELGRADE - The prime ministers of Serbia and Republika Srpska (RS), Ivica Dacic and Zeljka Cvijanovic respectively, said on Thursday that after the government reshuffle they will continue working on strengthening relations in all domains- from political and economic, to cultural and institutional ones.

Serbia firmly stands by Republika Srpska as an entity, said Prime Minister Dacic, who prior to presenting young RS sportspeople with Serbian passports had a meeting with RS Prime Minister Zeljka Cvijanovic. He once again underlined that no changes to the Dayton Peace Accords could be introduced without consent of the three constitutive peoples and two entities in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

 “This is a matter for Bosnia-Herzegovina's citizens to decide, and the most important thing for Serbia is that peace and Republika Srpska be preserved,” the Serbian prime minister told reporters. Speaking about the economic cooperation, Dacic noted that the realization of a joint energy project with Italy lies ahead, which will give an impetus to other projects. The RS prime minister agreed with Dacic that further strengthening of all ties - political, institutional, economic and infrastructure ones, including the building of bridges over the Drina River, is only natural for both Serbia and RS.

 Cvijanovic noted that the recent government reshuffle in RS was done very quickly and did not cause any delay in regular activities, underscoring that she is a proponent of the view that the government reshuffle should be done whenever there is a need for that. She, however, denied claims that her government would also undergo some changes. At the Palace of Serbia, Dacic presented eight talented sportspeople from RS with Serbian passports.

 Under the agreement on special and parallel ties and possibility of dual citizenship, the sportspeople will thus have right to compete in sporting events under Serbia's flag. On that occasion, Cvijanovic noted that there are still some sportspeople in RS waiting to get Serbia's passports, adding that this is not a closed process.

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