Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Vulin: Serbia offered to get calling code for Kosovo

6/17/2013 11:25:00 AM

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA - Head of the government Office for Kosovo Aleksandar Vulin said Sunday that when it comes to the issue of telecommunications in Kosovo, Serbia cannot offer any more than it already has, noting that Serbia has offered to procure an international calling code for Kosovo.
Talking about the Belgrade-Pristina talks, which will focus on telecommunications among other topics when they continue Monday in Brussels,
 Vulin said Serbia has offered to apply for a calling code on Kosovo's behalf, saying this is the only viable option. "If Pristina thinks they can get one themselves, let them try but they will fail. Let me remind you that they have tried twice before, once through Montenegro and once through Albania, but both attempts failed," said Vulin.

 He said that if Pristina wishes the people of Kosovo well, it should apply for a calling code through Serbia, because in this way it is sure to get one and make people's lives easier. In return, we expect Serbia to get a mobile network operator license in the entire territory of Kosovo and for Telekom Srbija to come into possession of its base stations and all usurped property, so they can continue their work. It will also be easier for Kosovo Serbs to use a calling code secured in this manner, said Vulin. Asked about problems in the talks on energy in Brussels, Vulin said there is a property dispute over Lake Gazivode. Belgrade's team is insisting that everything located in the territory of the community of Serb municipalities must belong to the community, he explained. Photo Tanjug, T.Valic

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