Monday, June 3, 2013

Selakovic: Serbs must have normal life in Kosovo

6/2/2013 4:58:00 PM

 STRPCE - Serbia's Minister of Justice and State Administration Nikola Selakovic said in Strpce, Kosovo-Metohija (KiM), on Sunday that the goal is to create all conditions for the Serbs to stay in the province and have a normal life there and their own bodies which they could contact and ensure the protection of their rights.

  Together with Head of the Government Office for Kosovo-Metohija Aleksandar Vulin, Selakovic met with Serbia's judicial workers in Strpce, after which he said that the talks were open and held in a friendly atmosphere. “What I would draw as a conclusion from this two-day visit to Kosovo and talks with all officials of the judiciary and state administration is that we should act in concert concerning each and every thing,” the minister said. Selakovic said that he informed Serbia's judicial workers in the province about the things that the Ministry of Justice and he as the deputy chief of the team tasked with implementing the Brussels agreement are doing, and the proceedings of the Brussels talks. Summing up impressions of his two-day visit to the province, Vulin said that he talked with serious and concerned people that have stood by their country for 14 years, and who are now requesting that the state should stand by them. “And we promised them that. 

The state will stand by the Serbs in KiM and they pledged they will stand by their state whatever happens. That loyalty must be appreciated and rewarded by the state of Serbia,”Vulin said. He said that this means that not a single job position that was established by Serbia must not disappear, that no one's life, security should be challenged. "That means that Serbia will be here, and that it understands that without the presence of our state, the life is not possible for the Serbs in this territory," Vulin said. After Strpce, Selakovic and Vulin visited the Monastery of Visoki Decani.

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