Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Djuric: Important work on changes to laws in Kosovo

6/4/2013 6:33:00 PM

BELGRADE - Changes to the legal framework in Kosovo-Metohija will be an important topic in further talks as part of the technical dialogue on the implementation of the agreement on the normalization of relations between Belgrade and Pristina, Marko Djuric, an advisor to the Serbian president and member of Belgrade's negotiating team, said on Tuesday. In a statement to Tanjug, 

Djuric said that on Wednesday, talks will be held between specific working groups that should specify elements for the implementation of the Brussels deal. He notes that a particularly important task lies ahead of the group that "should tackle a huge challenge of adjusting Kosovo laws to (Serb) institutions that should be integrated into the system," and also work on adjusting the complex legal framework to the needs and competencies of a community of Serb municipalities that is yet to be formed. 

 He underscores that despite being pressured by deadlines and demands of certain EU member states to start implementing the agreement as soon as possible, Serbia will not make compromises within working groups at the expense of the future position of the community of Serb municipalities. "Our side has not lacked a constructive approach at any moment, but Pristina needs to turn to the concept of integration instead of the concept of deconstruction which is still being advocated by certain political circles in Pristina,"Djuric said. Photo Tanjug, S.Radovanovic

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