Saturday, May 4, 2013

Vucic: Agreement must be implemented

BELGRADE - The Brussels agreement must be implemented, and the only question is how to do it with the consent of the Serbs from Kosovo, Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic stated on Wednesday, adding that Serbia will do everything to obtain the EU accession talks start date without affecting its statehood.

  "If a government member signs an agreement with Pristina and the parliament adopts it, then it is clear that it has to be implemented. The only question is how to do it with the consent of our people and not against its will," Vucic told B92 and announced that he will be visiting the north of Kosovo between May 7 and 12. He added that a solution can be reached and that an increasing number of people in northern Kosovo has realized this and "knows that some marginal groups cannot change either the people's will or the government in Serbia." According to him, Belgrade understands the fears of the Serbs from northern Kosovo and shows this through great patience, forbearance, and even by not responding to a dirty campaign conducted against us. Vucic voiced expectation that the talks will continue, adding that, on the other hand, Brussels needs to know that only what has been written in the agreement can be implemented.

 Asked if the agreement should be fully implemented by July 31 and Brussels' decision on whether to grant Serbia a start date for the EU accession talks, he said this is "absolutely impossible" and that it is "insane" to expect this of Serbia. "I believe they expect the implementation to be finalized by June 25, prior to publishing the final report. I hope that we will get to that plan, but we need the cooperation of the Serbs from Kosovo for that," Vucic concluded. -----------

 Vucic: Serbia does not need elections now 
 First Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic has said that elections are not something that Serbia needs now, adding that the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) has made internal analyses of the performance of ministers and directors of public companies nominated by the SNS. "I am confident that no one in Serbia will talk about that in the next ten days.

 Whether we will talk about it after that or not - we will and we have no problem with making an analysis," Vucic told B92. He pointed out that this analysis will be put before the party's Main Board, after which SNS members will decide what they think of their performance. Vucic also said that at this point no one is thinking about elections and that there is the view that Serbia does not need them at this point. Photo Tanjug, Nenad Milosevic (archive)

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