Sunday, May 26, 2013

Nikolic calls for unity and development

5/26/2013 3:09:00 PM
OPLENAC - The Serbian people must not allow divisions and injustice anymore, Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic said at the funeral of members of the royal family Karadjordjevic, at Oplenac, adding that this was another step towards unity so Serbia could follow the path of great nations, and that it must not fall behind those nations. The return of the bodies of members of the royal family to their homeland corrects a great injustice and represents a step towards national unity, he said after the bodies were laid inside the family crypt.

 He wished for the dead members of the Karadjordjevic family to have eternal peace and be a symbol of new life and hope for everyone in a united Serbia, where justice held the country and cities. "Divisions and feuds are common among us, even among brothers and sisters, sometimes about nothing. One of the conflicts arose during World War II and had a tragic epilogue, the aftermath of which is felt even today. Hatred between two Serbian movements, the Chetniks and the Partisans, that have proclaimed the same or very similar goals, led to fratricidal animosities and heavy loss of life," he said. "At the beginning of the war they had a common goal that united them: struggle against fascism and occupation. However, in time the differences grew wider and the conflict escalated having tragic consequences for the Serbian people. More Serbs were killed by the Serbian than by the hand of the occupier and this fact remains a lesson to our generations to come," he noted.

 "The Allies determined who the winners were to be and the winners continued with political persecution even after the end of World War II and many of our people met a tragic fate even at the time of peace. Some were executed without trial and some others were tried only to be pronounced the already prepared judgments. Guilty or not, the epilogue was known: death, prison, dispossession, civil rights deprivation," Nikolic pointed out.

 "The suffering was, one way or another, to a lesser or greater extent, experienced by each of our families and even by the family of freedom fighter and father of modern Serbia, the grand leader Karadjordje Petrovic. The destiny of Karadjordje himself, his descendants and family, is a sublimation of all our divisions, injustice and misfortune," the president stressed.

 "Other peoples were rightfully asking the questions: "What kind of country is your Serbia where descendants of the one who fought for it, rebuilt it, improved it, do not have rights at least equal to those of your other citizens? How come that they are deprived of nationality, property, honour and even the ancient right that the Serbian land offers them protection after their demise as well," he wondered. "We cannot, we must not allow divisions and injustice anymore. 

That binds us by our ancestors who selflessly sacrified for the fatherland," Nikolic underscored. "That is why here, today, at the grave of grand leader Karadjordje, in this wonderful church, mausoleum, we correct a grave injustice. By removing the aftermath of the terrible sin committed by someone before us, we make one more step towards unity aimed at following the path of great nations that we must not fall behind in anything," he stated. "When the nation is united it cannot be called a small one, said a wise man. 

With the last of Karadjordjevic family member brought in a coffin from a foreign land, reconciliation returns to Serbia," Nikolic said. "My duty as the President of all citizens, regardless of any division, including the political one, is to do everything to contribute to the final reconciliation and unity of our people. I gave my own example," he added. "Are you also ready to do everything to stop conflicts and divisions in Serbia," Nikolic asked. Photo Tanjug, R. Prelic/D. Stankovic

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