Friday, May 10, 2013

FM: Brussels deal implementation - complex process

SARAJEVO - Serbia's Foreign Minister Ivan Mrkic has said that the implementation of the EU-brokered agreement between Belgrade and Pristina is a complex process which cannot be carried out forcefully, and voiced confidence that the implementation will go more quickly when Kosovo Serbs realize the essence of the deal.

“After a little time passes and they realize that they will stay on their own land, plan their own future and have instruments that will ensure that, then the implementation will go more quickly,” Mrkic said. “You cannot change the picture over night and expect that someone who got used to something different now accepts something new immediately,” the minister said in an interview to the Anadolu news agency. Commenting on reactions to Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic's apology for crimes in Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH), Mrkic said that one should not look for political messages in these statements.

 I understood my president's statements as the statements of a man who expressed what he feels, he said. Since the dissolution of Yugoslavia, the relations in the region have never been better than they are now, the foreign minister noted, adding that they are based on the understanding that all countries need mutual cooperation. “We depend on each other, and have to rely on each other,” he said. Speaking about the forthcoming trilateral meeting between the presidents of Turkey, BiH and Serbia in Ankara on May 14-15, Mrkic said that the meeting will be a meaningful one, from which "positive messages" will be sent. Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Photo

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