Friday, May 31, 2013

Dinkic: Serbia is not facing bankruptcy

5/30/2013 5:20:00 PM
BELGRADE - Serbia is not facing bankruptcy but it can go bankrupt unless certain measures, some of which are unpopular, are implemented Minister of Finance and Economy Mladjan Dinkic stated on Thursday.

During a parliament debate on economic and social situation in the country, Dinkic said that there is enough money to ensure regular payments of pensions and salaries in the public sector but it remains to be seen how these would be adjusted in the next period. According to him, consultations will be staged in the next seven days within the ruling coalition and a tangible proposition will be presented. Dinkic stated that pensions will not be reduced, and although it is not certain whether and how much these can increase, those saying pensions will drop are not telling the truth. 

 He said that the room for manoeuvre in terms of savings is not great and that a balance should be made between savings measures and investments. Dinkic called on MPs to voice accurate data and provide tangible propositions, noting that the budget deficit will not be even close to the one the previous government left behind. He noted that the data on unemployment presented by the opposition is not true, and added that the number of jobless people increased by 6,000 and not by 30,000 in the first four months of the year. Dinkic stated that the public debt increased by RSD 1,4 billion since the beginning of the year and noted that the previous government left behind debts which need to be paid. 
 Dinkic replied to remarks of the caucus whip of the opposition Democratic Party Borislav Stefanovic who said that the deficit of RSD 79 billion (RSD 111=EUR 1) is twice the figure than just a few months ago. Stefanovic said that the government is using public finance in an amateurish and irresponsible way and that it brought the country to the verge of bankruptcy. Photo Tanjug/N. Milosevic

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