Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dacic:There will be no freezing of wages, pensions

5/28/2013 1:25:00 PM

BELGRADE - Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dacic stated Tuesday that there will be no freezing of wages and pensions, that the government has not made a decision to force them down either and that this is yet to be discussed in the coming weeks.

  "We are yet to discuss this. No lowering or freezing of salaries has been agreed upon, and this will not happen, because this is not the government's program," Dacic told journalists at the Palace of Serbia. The prime minister also said that increase in salaries and pensions will depend on the level of economic activities, and that the government's goal is not to shift the burden of the crisis on the poorest part of the population. He added that certain measures have to be taken, one of them being savings and that there can be no step forward without economic development and investments. "We will discuss this in the next several weeks.

 We have to prepare a strategy and concrete measures and see when and how to start with a budget review," Dacic said, adding that the people expect to live better, not worse. The Serbian prime minister pointed out that political consultations about the program of measures that need to be taken will be held in the coming days. Photo Tanjug, N. Milosevic

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