Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dacic: There will be no referendum

BELGRADE - Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dacic has rejected the possibility of the holding of the referendum on the Brussels agreement reached with Pristina.

  "There will be no referendum," Dacic told Japan's Kyodo news agency, which reported that this is the first time that the position of the government in Belgrade has been clearly stated on the issue since the deal was reached on April 19. 

 The report also said that "Serbs from Kosovo rejected the agreement and asked for the referendum to be held." The agency described the deal as "a historic agreement with the goal of improving relations with Kosovo that gives broad autonomy to Serbs in northern Kosovo." The report also stresses that the agreement states that the two sides will not block each other's path toward the European Union. Photo Tanjug, S. Radovanovic (archive)

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