Monday, May 13, 2013

Dacic: Serbia should stand by its citizens abroad

5/13/2013 11:42:00 AM

 SAN FRANCISCO - Serbia's Prime Minister Ivica Dacic said while visiting the Serb family Nastic in San Francisco, whose children were temporarily taken away by the U.S. Child Protective Services back in 2010, that Serbia should stand firmly by its citizens whenever they have problems abroad. The Nastic family lost custody of their children after nude photographs of the children were found on the father's work laptop, and the children were returned to the family in February 2011 when the agency decided to drop the charges.

 The family had the support of the Serbian government, consular offices in the United States and the Serbian public throughout the ordeal. "This is a positive example how the interests of our people can be defended, how our people need to start believing in their state, which means believing in our own capabilities to do something when it comes to the legal systems across the world," said Dacic. 

 The prime minister recalled that the Serbian people remember all the pain and suffering the Nastic family was exposed to recently, considering that they spent eight months in fear of losing their children. "Due to our country's position, the humiliation we have suffered in recent decades, very often we have been not only unable, but we did not even attempt to defend the interests of our people," said Dacic. When the Nastic children were taken away, the Serbian public showed solidarity, Dacic recalled, adding that the state did everything it could under the circumstances, considering the fact the United States has a system which allows the authorities to take away children from their families and put them up for adoption in certain cases.

 He said that as prime minister and interior minister, and previously as deputy prime minister, he often had opportunity to solve problems foreigners had in Serbia. Vuk Nastic said his family received assistance from the highest level of government in Serbia and expressed certainty this is the only thing that brought their children back to them and that without this, the children would be in another family today. Photo Ministry of Interior

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