Saturday, May 4, 2013

21 years since crime in Dobrovoljacka Street marked

SARAJEVO - The wreath-laying ceremony marked on Friday 21 years since the crime in Dobrovoljacka Street, where Muslim forces attacked a column of the former Yugoslav People's Army (JNA) and killed 42 army members, wounded 71 and captured nearly 300.

The commemoration ceremony, which was marked by a strong police presence, was attended by representatives of the subcommittee of the Republika Srpska (RS) government tasked with marking significant dates on one side of the Miljacka River, and members of the former paramilitary forces, the Green Berets, and representatives of the authorities in Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) on the other side of the river. 

There was no incident. RS Minister of Labor and Veterans Affairs Petar Djokic noted that on May 2-3 of 1992, JNA members were killed in Dobrovoljacka Street despite the fact that an agreement had been reached on a peaceful exit from the town. According to Djokic, JNA members were attacked in several locations in Sarajevo, and a majority of them, 32 soldiers, were Serbs, six Croats, two Muslims and two Albanians.

 The captives were held in camps in Sarajevo for months. “I am sad that we cannot pass freely through Sarajevo, without such police protection. It would be good for Sarajevo to finally face this crime after 21 years,” Djokic said. In January 2012, the BiH prosecution halted an investigation against 14 people suspected of the crime that took place in Dobrovoljacka Street, including the former general of the BiH Army Jovan Divjak and wartime member of the BiH Presidency Ejup Ganic, stating that there had been no crime. 

 At the moment when a delegation from RS was laying wreaths, around 10 members of the Green Berets gathered on the other side of the Miljacka River near the Drvenija Bridge carrying their flags with lilies. They claim that the international community made it clear that there had been no crime in Dobrovoljacka Street.

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