Thursday, April 18, 2013

Telecommunications revenue totals EUR 1.54 billion

BELGRADE - Serbia's telecommunications market revenue totaled EUR 1.54 billion in 2012, and its share in the gross domestic product (GDP) was 5.52 percent, according to data from the Republican Agency for Electronic Communications (RATEL).

Share in the total telecommunications market revenue of mobile telephony was 55.2 percent, of landline telephony it was 24.3 percent, of the Internet, 9.6 percent, of the distribution of media content, 7.1 percent, of broadcasting, 3.6 percent, and of VoIP, 0.2 percent. RATEL Director Milan Jankovic said at a news conference Thursday that the total number of fixed line subscribers was 2.99 million in 2012, while the figure stood at 3.03 million the year before. 

The telecommunications sector saw a revenue drop from EUR 446 million in 2011 to EUR 373 million in 2012, said Jankovic. The total number of mobile subscribers in 2012 was 9.137 million. As Jankovic explained, the decline in the total number of subscribers is a result of strict implementation of the obligation of operators to consider as subscribers only those actively using their services in the last three months at the time given. 

The number of postpaid subscribers increased by 11 percent to 3.73 million, while the number of prepaid users declined by 21 percent to 5.40 million. Jankovic said that revenues from mobile telephony services amounted to EUR 850 million and investments in the sector totaled 112.26 million. A total of 94 operators offer the service of distribution of media content, mostly via cable networks, which account for 73 percent of subscribers. In 2012, these operators, generated revenues of EUR 109.19 million, with 1,442 million subscribers, an increase of 19.92 percent against a year earlier. 

There are a total of 222 Internet service providers in Serbia, with 5.038 million subscribers, and the sector saw a growth of 31 percent. In 2012, Internet services revenue totaled EUR 147.95 million, while the growth of broadband Internet, including 3G network users, was 65.28 percent, the number of subscribers reaching 4.72 million. Photo

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