Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Serbs at Jarinje against unconstitutional solution

JARINJE - Serbs in north Kosovo stated at Monday's protest at the Jarinje administrative crossing that they will not participate in the implementation of the Brussels agreements if they are unconstitutional and harmful for the citizens in the north of the province.

“Serbs in north Kosovo have their land, their state and territory, and they want to stay there,” Dragisa Djokovic, former Serbian MP and current Democratic Party (DS) official in the Kosovska Mitrovica Municipal Assembly, said at the rally. “Do not expect that Serbs in north Kosovo will participate in any disgraceful agreements which are contrary to the Serbian Constitution, or that they will partake in the realization of anything which is not in the interest and to the benefit of the Serbian people,” Djokovic said. Noting that UN Security Council Resolution 1244 is in force, he underlined that Serbs in Kosovo do not want to change their system of municipal self-governments, and educational, social and health systems. Djokovic said that Serbs have come to Jarinje with Serb license plates, driving licenses, and IDs, and that they will not change their identification documents.

 “We have institutions of the Republic of Serbia, not the institutions of Serbs. People's institutions should be established for new peoples, and new states. Serbia is an old state, and we are an old people. We are on our own territory, and we want the things to stay the same,” he said. Djokovic said that Serbs have turned their back to the Jarinje crossing, but added that they will never their back on Serbia. He called on representative of Serbs in Kosovo, who participate in the Brussels dialogue, to come back among the people and share their fate, and criticized the Constitutional Court of Serbia for not making a decision on the constitutionality and legality of the agreements that have been reached in the dialogue with the Pristina authorities so far. Ahead of Tuesday's continuation of the dialogue in Brussels, north Kosovo Serbs blocked on Monday the Jarinje administrative crossing for an hour causing no incidents. Photo Tanjug, BOKI

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