Saturday, April 20, 2013

Nikolic: We sought, won security for KiM Serbs

4/20/2013 3:41:00 PM KRUSEVAC - Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic said Saturday that the Belgrade negotiating team has managed to fight for and win the protection and prospects of peaceful life for Serbs in Kosovo-Metohija (KiM) and to reach an agreement that precludes the possibility of Kosovo being recognized as an independent state in the United Nations.

  Serbia has managed to ensure the Serb communities will get international protection, the right to manage their own lives, security, future, resources, education and health-care, and to enjoy close ties with Belgrade, without any limitations involved and without belonging to Kosovo, Nikolic said. 

 The president pointed out that he has been taking part in the coordination of Belgrade's position in the dialogue with Pristina and the Serbian negotiators always acted in consultation with him. “Unfortunately, after so many years have passed since the last remaining Serbian soldier left Kosovo-Metohija, this was the only possible solution to guarantee a peaceful life for our people and to guarantee to Serbia that Kosovo will never be a state recognized by the United Nations,” President Nikolic told reporters after the celebration of the national Armed Forces Day in the city of Krusevac, southern Serbia. 

“Serbia will never recognize an independent Kosovo state,” Nikolic underscored, pointing out that both under its Constitution and under UN Security Council Resolution 1244, Serbia sees the territory as one which enjoys an essential autonomy, adding that a relevant constitutional law will be passed soon. Nikolic stressed that Belgrade's delegation repeatedly rejected a number of “blackmailing” offers in Brussels. The Serbian government agreed before going to Brussels for the latest round of talks on the kind of proposal that the Serbian side may accept and the proposal is now here to be debated by Serbia's senior officials. 

“Was there a need for Serbia to negotiate? Yes, there was. Was it good to accept this? Under these circumstances we could do no better,”

 Nikolic said. According to Nikolic, the two sides made a step towards an agreement that will make neither the Serbs nor the Albanians fully satisfied. Serbia managed to ensure absolute protection for the Serb communities, whom it has not been able to protect in any way until now, and now the citizens need to show if they are satisfied about it or not, the Serbian president said. Photo Tanjug, R.Prelic

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