Saturday, April 20, 2013

Nikolic: VS is guarantor of peace in region

4/20/2013 1:43:00 PM

KRUSEVAC - Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic said Saturday that the Serbian Armed Forces (VS) are ready to respond to security challenges and are there to secure support for peace in the region, adding that further army modernization and development of military cooperation are among Serbia's key priorities.

  Speaking at the celebration of Serbian Armed Forces Day in Krusevac, southern Serbia, Nikolic said that the day is marked to commemorate the beginning of the Second Serbian Uprising in Takovo - April 23, 1815 - a day which, from the state and military point of view, represents a historic milestone in the creation of the country's army.

 The citizens of Serbia have great confidence in their army, which, building on the tradition and values acquired throughout history, has a clear vision for its development and for the defense of the country, the Serbian president said. Nikolic said that the breakthrough in the creation of the modern Serbian army was made by creating a modern doctrinal framework and a new system of training management, by carrying out a military education reform and army professionalization and by developing capacity to participate in multinational operations. 

 The introduction of religious service in the military has enabled VS members to fully exercise their right to freedom of religion, which has a positive impact on operational capability. “By engaging its (armed) forces, Serbia contributes to security, solving problems, and the preservation of peace, provides support for the achievement of other strategic objectives and enhances its reputation in the international community,” he said. 

 Nikolic said that Serbia's priorities include equipping its military units, particularly the air forces and air defense, with new and modernized weapons and military equipment. Serbia is also working on the development of training systems, fostering its military cooperation and involvement in peacekeeping operations and increasing the standards of its members, the president added.

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