Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Nedeljkovic: Dodik supports Kosovo Serbs

4/29/2013 5:53:00 PM BANJA LUKA - Republika Srpska (RS) President Milorad Dodik Monday supported the views on the Brussels agreement as held by Serbs from Kosovo, said head of the the Kosovska Mitrovica District Radenko Nedeljkovic, who met with Dodik in Banja Luka on the same day.

Nedeljkovic told reporters in Banja Luka that Dodik encoraged the Kosovo Serbs to maintain their demands and to stand up for their rights that “are now being violated in Kosovo-Metohija.” Nedeljkovic explained to Dodik why Kosovo Serbs believe that the agreement between Belgrade and Pristina is “detrimental and unacceptable,” adding that the document does not guarantee even the minimum conditions for the survival of the Serb people in Kosovo-Metohija.

 He also said that Serbs in Kosovo do not want to live in an independent “Republic of Kosovo,” adding that the agreement presumes the implementation of Kosovo's legislation and, in a way, leaves the Serb people “to the mercy of institutions of the unrecognized state of Kosovo.” Photo Z. Zestic

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