Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ljajic: Gov't emergency meeting on Kosovo likely

KRAGUJEVAC - Serbian Minister of Foreign and Internal Trade Rasim Ljajic said in Kragujevac, central Serbia, on Saturday that the Serbian government would most likely discuss Brussels' proposal concerning the issue of Kosovo-Metohija at an emergency meeting.

  “On Friday, the members of the government were informed about the eighth round of the negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina. In the coming days, further consultations will be held between parliamentary groups and parties of the ruling coalition, and I believe we will have an emergency meeting of the government,” Ljajic said. He notes that everyone in the government agrees that Brussels' proposal is bad, that it does not satisfy the interests of Serbs in Kosovo Metohija, especially those in northern Kosovo.

 “The question is what the consequences of one or the other decision would be, and we are considering these possible consequences,” Ljajic said, estimating that is absolutely unacceptable to have divisions within the government over this issue. “At this moment, we must all be united,” he underscored. “There is no good solution, and whatever we decide, we will regret later,” he said. 

 The eighth round of the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue ended on April 2 without any agreement. EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton has announced that as far as she in concerned, the political dialogue is over, and she expects from Belgrade and Pristina to inform her about their decision. Photo Tanjug/N. Milosevic

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