Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Kusturica: Serbs unwanted in Kosovo, so am I

VISEGRAD - Film director Emir Kusturica said on Tuesday the Albanians had declared all Serbs unwanted in Kosovo, so he was not surprised to be included among them.

  "So, their request to make me persona non grata is accepted, but that is nothing new," he stated. According to Kusturica, Serbs have been unwanted for a long time since their graves and monuments were desecrated and all of them, including him, were told they should not come to Kosovo. Head of the Kosovo association of film artists Ljirak Celjaj wants Kusturica declared unwanted because of announcements he would make a film on organ trfficking in Kosovo. Celjaj, who recently became head of the Pristina office of Hasim Taci's Democratic Party of Kosovo, believes Kusturica's film continues anti-Albanian propaganda. Organ trafficking is unfortunately not used in the talks between Belgrade and Pristina, although it is the most brutal event of this century, Kusturica said commenting on the request by the Kosovo association of film artists. 

 He announced earlier he would make a film on organ trafficking in Kosovo, as one of the biggest topics in this century, the most brutal of actions and the clearest signal of a return to the pagan era. Kusturica pointed out he would make the film within the next three years because it was a large project, demanding great preparation and investment. He noted he would make the film in Russia, since he had already stated he would do a project there, adding that he was aware he would not be allowed to film in Kosovo. Photo Tanjug, R. Prelic

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