Tuesday, April 2, 2013

DSS: Government should reject EU ultimatums

BELGRADE - Spokesperson of the Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) Petar Petkovic has stated that the Serbian authorities will Tuesday have a historic opportunity to "reject the EU's ultimatums during the Brussels talks and defend Serbia's state and national interests.”

  "Now it is more than clear that there is a plan for killing the Serbian state on the Brussels table, for destroying Serbian institutions in Kosovo-Metohija and for rounding the independence of the false state of Kosovo," Petkovic said. "Since independent Kosovo is the EU's goal, preservation of Serbia's constitutional order and its integrity should be the country's goal," he told a party press conference.

 "So far it has not happened that a country destroys its own territory and statehood," he pointed out, adding that Serbia needs to reject Brussels' ultimatum according to which it should amputate a part of its territory. "Only with the consent of Serbia can Kosovo become independent," Petkovic said, and added that this is why the parliament should "send a worthy answer to the EU - that Serbia is a free and sovereign country which will never trade in its own territory."

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