Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ashton waits for Belgrade and Pristina

BRUSSELS - Brussels is still waiting for Belgrade and Pristina to say if they are prepared to reach an agreement, and new rounds of the talks are not planned, Maja Kocijancic, spokesperson for EU High Representative Catherine Ashton, told reporters on Friday. Consultations are ongoing and Brussels awaits reply from Belgrade and Pristina, she stated, adding that it should happen in the next few days. 

She could not specify what form the replies should take, but stressed that both sides knew what was expected of them. The elements needed for an agreement are on the table and have been discussed many times already, Kocijancic remarked. She refused to comment on media claims that Ashton would send a proposal agreement to the two sides during the weekend and on statements by Kosovo leaders that the 8th round of the talks in Brussels on April 2 failed solely through Belgrade's fault. Although Brussels has not stated officially that the final deadline is Tuesday, such a conclusion is drawn after looking into Ashton's schedule, who has a series of meetings outside Brussels after April 9. 

She should formulate her conclusions regarding the talks by April 16, and they will be included in the progress report on Serbia, which Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fuele will submit to the members of the European Parliament in Strasbourg the same day. Ashton will file a special report in Luxembourg on April 22 to EU foreign ministers and they will then decide if Serbia meets the requirements to get a start date for the accession talks. Photo screenshot Tanjug video

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