Thursday, March 14, 2013

Serbia's trade deficit down by 12.8 percent

BELGRADE - Serbia's trade deficit was USD 524,5 million in January this year, dropping by 12.8 percent compared to January 2012, the national office of statistics released on Wednesday.

  The total trade was USD 2.29 billion, which is an increase of 12.6 percent, with export at USD 882.1 million, or 23.2 percent higher, and import at USD 1.41 billion, or 6.8 percent higher. The export-import coverage was 62.7 percent, higher than in January 2012 by 54.3 percent.

 The largest share of export were reproduction products (55.6 percent or USD 490.7 million), followed by consumer goods (36.2 percent of USD 319.5 million) and equipment (8.1 percent or USD 71.7 million). Reproduction products had the biggest share of import too (62.6 percent or USD 880.2 million), followed by consumer goods (16.3 percent or USD 229.7 million) and equipment (10.7 percent or USD 150.4 million).
 Serbia's chief partners in export were Italy, Germany, Russia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Romania, while the biggest import partners were Russia, Germany, Italy, China and Hungary. The largest deficit was in the trade with Russia, because of fuel import, mostly oil and gas, and China, because of import of phones and laptops, followed by Kazakhstan, Hungary and Poland. Photo Tanjug, D. Peternek

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