Thursday, March 14, 2013

RS support for Kosovo Serbs

BANJA LUKA - The Serb national community in Kosovo must not be lost, but instead united and organized, because it is the only way to preserve the Serbs' identity and heritage in Kosovo, Republika Srpska (RS) President Milorad Dodik said in Banja Luka on Tuesday.

"In that sense, you will always have my and RS support. We will always be willing to talk and in a tangible way point out the possibilities of that political struggle. Our experience in a similar environment is certainly great," Dodik said after a meeting with the heads of Serb municipalities and Serb officials from Kosovo. He said he wanted RS to open a cultural centre in northern Kosovo, RS Radio and Television reported. 

The international community continues to humiliate the Kosovo Serbs by insisting on solutions that have no protection for the Serb community and Serbian national interest in Kosovo. The international community has used methods known in RS as well to integrate Kosovo step by step, against the will of Serbia and all its people, and especially the legitimate representatives of the Kosovo Serbs, Dodik stated. The unfair treatment of Serbs in general by the international community can be seen by comparing the Brcko district and Kosovo, Dodik pointed out.

 "There are more Serbs in Kosovo than there are people in the district of Brcko. However, the international comunity gave Brcko the status of a district and executive and legislative powers, but since Serbs are the issue in Kosovo, then they are not so generous," Dodik said. It shows double standards and unfairness from the international comunity on the subject, he emphasized. Dodik admires the people who have fought politically for the Serb national community and Serb municipalities in Kosovo in difficult conditions. Photo Z. Zestic

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